Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! I know it has been a while since I wrote last. I just wanted to write you a story about love and the new year. (It also includes werewolves!(I have a zombies 2 vibe right now.))

Love in 2021.

Part 1

Once upon a time in November 2020, There was a girl. She was Dana Perfectionist. She was the youngest of three sisters and a boy cousin named Mike Perfectionist. Her mom was the head of the police station and her dad was mayor. Mike was the head of the football team. All three of her sisters were hairstylists.

There was also a boy. His name was Walker Werewolf. He had a younger sister and a cousin named Willow. Willow was the Alpha werewolf. Walker was the alpha’s closest advisor. (and only advisor…)

One day, Dana decided to take a walk in the forest. “Perfect day for a walk in the forest.” Said Dana with happiness in her voice. Now Walker was also getting ready for a hunt at the same time! “Perfect day for a hunt. I hope I find a human!” said Walker with pride.

In the forest Dana was humming and skipping. She forgot her silver because no one thought werewolves were real. Suddenly, the bush shook. “Hello?” asked Dana with fear in her voice, “WHO’S THERE! COME OUT!” Walker pounced at her and knocked her into the ground. “AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Walker howled as he was about to scratch her. Then he saw her eyes. “Please spare me…” Dana said shaking. Then Dana opened her eyes. It was a weird feeling for them. They felt like they had a connection. Kinda like love at first sight. “Ok. I’ll spare you…” Walker said nicely to Dana. “Dana. Dana Perfectionist.” Dana said love struck. “Well nice to meet you Miss Perfectionist. I’m Walker. Walker Werewolf. Alpha’s Advisor.” Walker said with pride. “Wow. I am not nearly as important as you.” Dana said, discouraged. “Where is that wolf?” said hunters in the distance. “I need to go.” Said Walker with fear in his eyes. Then he ran off. “Bye.” Dana said Love Struck.

To be continued…

What’s going on! He tried to attack her and then fell in love! Well, we’ll see next week! (Yeah! (Maybe not. (Probably not. (I don’t know.))))


Proverbs 16:18 : Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Talk soon!


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